Trigger is an action that causes something to happen. SQL triggers does the same thing. Technically speaking a trigger is a stored procedure invoked in response to some event such as an insert, update or delete.

Firstly we will look at a very simple example to get an idea of what a trigger does.

Let's say we want to prevent users from entering cuss words as their usernames.

user_name varchar(255),
age int
DELIMITER $$CREATE TRIGGER prevent_bad_names
IF NEW.user_name …

What is Node js?

Before diving directly into what Node js is, we first need to discuss what V8 and libuv projects are.

V8 is the open source javascript engine developed by Google written in C++ which lets us run javascript code on our machine.

Libuv is a project also written in C++ which deals with operating system tasks like file systems, networking and which also deals with some aspects of concurrency.

How does node JS come in to the picture here?

Node js uses V8 and Libuv projects and creates some well refined modules like https, crypto, path and…

Lashan Faliq

Software engineer @SyscoLABS

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